Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Life Lately - and I Learn How to Make Tables in My Blog. YEAAAY :)

1 Year and almost 1 month this blog has been left empty, no updates whatsoever. I guess that has summed up how busy I have become taking care of the house, the family, the new baby, and now juggling between working and taking care of my dearest Mikaela.

Yes, the little baby girl was born on December 19th 2012. Her coming to the world has been a 40 weeks of life changing experience for me for sure. Me. The person who despise children, don't see any children when she is imagining her life 10 years from she was 16, and want to keep children as far away as possible from her wedding ceremony area, is now officially a mommy. I used to said that if ever I'm going to give birth to a baby it's going to be either C-Section or using all sorts of pain relieve medication. But when I heard her heart beating for the first time inside of me, I started to learn new things, and found the determination and courage to decide that I want her to be delivered as natural as possible. And there she came in to our life, surrounded by family who loved her, naturally. No pain medication, no induction, no C-section as I imagined when I was young and stupid :p I will post the story of her birth on another post, I promise.

Now that I see my cell phone, it's just her and me, and her father, and our family members, but mostly Mikaela. I guess it answers a lot about the question of how my life has become since she came along. So without further a do, since a picture tells a thousand words, let me show you how my life has been since last year. Enjoy :)

Baby Shower. Lombok style :)

Happy birthday, mom :)

Contraction, excitingly waiting for little M to come

Thanks, dr Sofie :)

New baby, new hair cut :)

Skype session with papa

The cousins

Aki of two :)

A lonely cloud on top of Olive trees

My me-time corner

Cheese cake a-la Cupew

daddy play date

The road to work

Yes, you know where I took this picture :p

Finally I can make a fruit tart for his birthday cake :)

Little M: Happy Birthday, papa :) Can I please blow the candle for you??

Tebak di mana? Sfax, man!! Like a shopping mall, eh??hahahaha

Cactus Fruit

Yes, she can make faces now :p

Happy graduation day, li'l sis!!!
She said: Ali, why are you so small??
yep, she's a mini me alright :)

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