Friday, January 31, 2014

Baking Sunday

As you might have known in my previous post, I am a big fan of kitchen experiments. Somehow it kind of feels like a very relaxing activity to me. It gives me a sense of liberation: free from thinking about schematics, or tubing movement, or other people expectations. It's just me, and whatever it is that I am cooking with. A project of self improvement which resulting to a big happy smile of my little family member when it succeeds. And what better day to do these kind of project than in a week end or a holiday? That's when Mr. Hubby is at home so he can use the time to bond with littleM and I got a much appreciated me time in the kitchen. That was how my Baking Sunday started :)

Being a self improvement projects mean that I am focusing on a particular theme until I found a recipe that works for me and achieve that happy smile. Baking is chosen simply because I think it is one cooking branch that takes serious effort and some technique. And hey, with a nice big oven I have right now at home, who wouldn't be tempted to try a recipe or two in it?

So my project has been quite variable. And in case you ask, no, I don't do the same stuff over and over again until I found a recipe that works. It's in-humane to make people eat the same desserts over and over again for a whole month, you know? :p

Started off with the most decadent cheese cake. This one is still a work in progress tho, because although the base and filling is so sinfully delicious, I still need to find the right balance for the thickness of the filling. Took the recipe from Nigella Lawson's website and boy, it was delish!! I ended up eating the whole pan myself :p

Oooey-gooey yummy strawberry cheesecake, anyone?
And then, there's this banana cake. An idea for "good" snack for littleM which came to mind as I saw this overly ripe bananas and multigrain flour sitting on my counter top. I forgot where the recipe come from, but it turned out ok. LittleM likes it, and that's what matter :)
Dense, moist, banana cake. Slice 'em thin and toast 'em for breakfast :)
And then, when hubby saw US Masterchef season 3, he was very amazed at the fruit tart challenge that brought Josh back from elimination. So I tried to make a fruit tart for his birthday cake last year, and I have to admit that this is another work in progress that I have to tackle. The Sweet shortcrust recipe is where I fail. It was britle and easily fall apart. Maybe I just have to find another recipe. But alas, despite the facts that I can't take it out of the pan I bake it from, the cake turn out to be pretty :)

Peach tart for Mr. Hubby
I have also tried some cotton cheese cake which turned out delicious but have crack on top. I guess it means I really have to get to know my oven better. Because clearly the temperature shown on the oven was lower than what my cakes experienced :)

And also chocolate cake! I have found my fool proof chocolate cake recipe that I used every time, including for littleMs birthday party. And she digs it :)

But my all time favorite success was when I found the perfect bread recipe I found from the Kitchn. This recipe is so fool proof, I can change the ingredients and still get a great bread in the end. I used it to make bread rolls with chocolate fillings, and I even make bakpao from this recipe and it turned out to be awesome!! So awesome that my self proclaimed bread connoisseur Hubby approved and gave me a pat on my back :) *happy days*

I am currently working on finding a perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. I got one from allrecipe but it turned out being too sweet. Why chocolate chip cookie, you asked? Dude, have you ever tried a totally awesome chocolate chip cookie? ooey gooey in the center with pockets of melting chocolate and a hint of toffey flavor from the caramelizing sugar and the crunchy exterior of the cookie that melts in your mouth when you dunk it into cold milk? That is like ultimate heaven!! And come on, any kids will fall for this treat. At least my littleM did :)

So my next target is to make the best chocolate chip cookie ever, according to me :) Sorry, people. Every one has their own preference on their cookie, so I can't really tell you that it will work for you. But when I found one that works for me, that recipe I will cherish for ever. Hahaha..Speaking of a perfect chocolate chip cookie, do you know that there is a big science behind a perfectly made cookie? Check it out here. You see? It's not just a doodle doddle mixing matter. It's about chemical reaction and thermodynamics too :) So much for a relaxing activity, eh?

So I will leave you here with my on-going purchase of perfect cookie. Enjoy the weekend :)

What about you? What's your current rave?

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