Friday, February 28, 2014

Le Mots de ma Petite

Afternoon walk session with Papa in an empty field next door

This post is highly inspired by Eleonorism from here.

Danda = Gendong (Asking me to lift her)
Akkey = Ok
Tatak = Tidak (no)
Nyonyo = No
Aqi = Aki (grandpa, my father)
Nnniiiii = Enin (grandma, my mom)
Apuh = Papuq (grandma, Mr. Hubby's mom)
Mbaaah = Mbah (grandpa, Mr. Hubby's father)
Jhaaajhaah = Gajah (elephant)
Miau = miau
Achah = Le Chat (kucing)
Asshhhh = 3aychek (Tunisian for you're welcome)
Mamia / Miamia = Mme Samia, her nounou/sitter.
Emam = Makan (eat)
Ammiii = Wangii (smells good)
Ammiiin = aaamiiin (praying)
Bubu = Bobo (sleep)
Baby (especially referring to her new favorite doll baby)
Alliii = Ali, her younger baby cousin.
Papah = papa
Nneeen = nenen (breastfeed. She's been constantly offering hers to the doll baby as well when she plays with it)
Haooo = Halo

Tatak, nyonyo and nneen has been her favorite words by far. Try to ask her to do anything and she will likely be answering tatak. I just love her like this. She is too cute I want to eat her. Dear God, can she stay this age forever??

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