Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes, I wonder
Had I chose another path back then,
will it lead me to where I stand right now?
Or will it lead me somewhere else opposite to what I am now?

Its not regret
How can you regret all the decisions that has made you who you are right now?
Just out of curiosity

Because life gave you so many intersections
And with God's help you set heart to step into the path you chose
When you got to another point of intersection, you can't help but wonder
Will I be at this point should I pick the other route instead?

Oh, human heart...
How you can easily disturbed by a slight possibility of change
And the temptation of looking back, being ungrateful of His blessings

Maybe I'm just affraid
So I just pray to God to keep my beating heart still
So I can clear my mind and be aware
To take the path that's best for me and hopefully my family

And you, have you ever wonder the same?

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