Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Dispenser Incident

Yesterday was fun.

I went home from office after a long discussion with the boss about the job. I was mentally exhausted because the discussion has been going on for quite some time now and it drained me emotionally. So I came home as usual and greeted by this cheerful smile of my very own littleM. She's so precious with two and a half teeth on her top gum and only two below, she will proudly show those teeth of to me and said: "HI!!!" over and over again while squealing with delight. Heaven :)

So as usual her nanny went home and I nurse her until she decided that she was full, and then I will play with her. We sang, we danced, we point each other body part (for some unknown reason, she LOVES poking my cheek. She found it so hilarious, she giggles all the time whenever she does it) while mama name it and she tried her best to imitate, and then mama prepare dinner while littleM is busy playing drum with mamas pots and pans that she can found, or just walking around the kitchen and try to find something to do. Papa is in Tunis, so whatever it is that I prepare, has to be ready in under 15minutes. That's the maximum time she can entertain herself without being clingy to mama and ask for me to held her.

When I finished preparing dinner and get ready to eat, littleM decided that she is not hungry and refuse to join mama on the table. So I let her roam around the dining room, playing with whatever she can found (our house has been baby proofed since she started scooting) and practicing her newly mastered walking zombie style skill (CUTE!) while I eat and supervise her. And then, she went to the water dispenser in front of the dining table. Stood in front of it for a very long time, pushing, pulling, poking things around until, "Slosh..."


I watched her in awe as she look me in the eye. Her eye twinkling with pride. Her lips forming the cutest cheeky smile. And her hands splashes water everywhere. Smeared them in between her hands, splash it to her face, making plippity plops with her feet, she has so much fun.

Luckily, in the spirit of baby proofing the house, we have retired this water dispenser and so there is no electric plugs that need to be worried about, nor the hot water. But apparently there are still some water left on the reservoir. Thus the incident that night. I wanted to stop her but knowing the fact that there's only so much water left in the reservoir, I reckon its best for me to let her be until the water runs out on its own while I eat and watch her from close (and take these pictures off course :))

Sure enough, the water ran dry just about time when I finished dinner and think that it's time to clean up. So I told her, "OK, you had your fun. Now lets clean up the mess so no one gets slip". I took two absorbing pads and put it on the puddle. Guess what? She decides to help me cleaning up!!What a doll :)

She helps me cleaning up after her mess and stayed with me until all water puddle went dry and then we walked to another room so that she can get changed into dry and warm clothes. Off course she became sleepy afterwards and so we said goodnight to papa over the phone and went to bed. 

I couldn't stop smiling whenever I remember what happened last night. It still gave me chills of how rewarding this motherhood can be. Yes, she is demanding 100% of your resources. And if I chose to, I can be mad at her and yell for her to stop doing it. But then she will miss the chance of growing up and learning and I wont have a story to tell her later on. And just when you started seeing things in a different way, the rewards come in a form of hugs, sloppy kisses, or a happy smile. And that will make everything worth it. After all, the most precious gift never comes for free right? :)

I'm a proud mama

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  1. emang paling susah ya ngambil foto bayi.
    udah pake mode sport sekalipun... tetep wuss *blur*.

    Gallery fotoku jg banyak yang isinya cuma kepala kepala zeyad :D

    Pake android ta? kalau iya coba Burst-Mode camera...
    tapi sekali jepret bisa puluhan bakan ratusan foto. Abis njepret pasti cape mbersihin gallery-nya hehehe...

    tetap semangat mommy M !