Friday, March 21, 2014

Le Mots de Ma Petite

The following is her current favorite song...

LittleM: tatu, tatu...papaaah (satu, satu, aku sayang papa - number one, number one, I love papa)

Mama: Duuaaa, duuuaaa, juga sayang...? (number two, number two, I also love...?)

LittleM: Papaaaah

Mama: -__-* oke, lets try again...tigaaa tiiigaaa, sayang....? (number three, number three, I also love...?)

LittleM: Papaaah

Mama: *keki tapi berusaha sabar* satu dua tiga, sayang...? (One, two, three, I love...?)

LittleM: nyanyaaaaa (semuanyaa - everybody)

Mama: Mamanya mana, naaaaaak??? T-T 

On the other side of the room, Papa smirks with pride.

Papa's little darling
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