My Wedding

So this is my wedding album...For your information, it is all performed in Sundanese culture which is my origin. The whole ceremony was held for 2 days: Friday, February 11th 2011 and Saturday February 12th 2012. It consists of:
This is basically the event where the ladies from your neighborhood comes and read the Qur'an along with you and your family member in order to prepare you for the marriage and they pray for the best and prosperous marriage life.

Ngaras - Bok, gak mungkin gak nangis bombay yaaa acara ini T-T
This is where you as a daughter asks for permission and blessing from your parents to get married. First you will ask for apologies from your parents, and ask for their blessings and ask for their 2 cents for you to go through marriages. And then you wash their feet as a symbol of your never-ending love and respect for them.


Siraman literally means showering, as you can see in the picture :) I was bathed with warm water soaked in flowers in order to clean myself from any bad behavior that I have previously when I was single. Your parents and the elderly basically will shower you with the fragrant water and the last time, you take ablution to clean yourself and basically prepare myself to go for Ashr prayer that day :)

Ngeuyeuk Seureuh - FUN and full of laughter

Ngeuyeuk Seureuh Part 1 - He doesn't know whats coming :P
Aha!! My favorite part of the ceremony: Ngeuyeuk Seureuh!! It was a night where the brides and groom were met before the wedding day with the whole bride and groom's family. Here you got all the advices you need from the elderly in order to face the next stage of your life. And yeah, that includes the "EHEM" Part...It was a night full of fun and laughter for both families, and a great ice breaking for us to prepare the day to come.

Akad Nikah
As the name speaks. This is where it all happens: the promises shared between AJ and my father. The signing papers, and all..As long as I know him, there were only 2 times that I saw him shaking and pale: 1. when he proposes me to my father, and the 2nd one is this moment: the moment when he was suppose to say the vow. My self? I was nervous and thinking allover the place. But after all that happened, finally:

Yea, Man....WE ARE MARRIED!!!!
Sungkeman after Akad
Now, after Akad, you are a new part of a family and AJ is also a new part of a family. Sungkeman here is basically introducing your newly wed spouse to your family. Here you will ask for blessings from the elderly as well.
Sawer, Mecah Kendi, dan Patarik-tarik Bakakak
Another fun  part of the wedding ceremony after akad is the part where we were showered by rice and money and candies at SAWER. Here the guests can come along and participate to get as much "sawer" as they can get. The next thing is Mecah Kendi which basically means "breaking the jar" symbolizes that if you have any problems in life, you have to break/solve the problem together. And Patarik-tarik Bakakak is where ME and AJ just fought over a whole grilled chicken and see who gets the biggest part. Myth said that the ones who got the biggest part gets the biggest money in the marriage life. I GOT THE BIGGEST PART!!! Yeah, he didn't know that we cut the small part so that I won :p hahahaha


Resepsi - Part 2...Sok seleb berat yeee dadah-dadah segala..hihihi :D
And the day was ended by a reception. Where all of the invites can share the happiness and blessings with us. I was blessed that a lot of people came to our wedding. The food was good, the music were great, and the moments are unforgettable. Yeah, nothing can beat the feeling of the first time :)

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